Does this sound like you?

I am in a funk and I can’t seem to shake it,
I’ve lost my spirit and I can’t find it,
I’m always so tired,
I’m not happy with how I am or where I am in life,
I think I need a change.

Good news!  I know exactly how you’re feeling right now…and I can help.

Introducing NITRO Fit

A 35 day program created for people just like you who are looking to get out of your funk, beat the blues, find your spirit and energy, start loving yourself and your life and know you need a change but don’t know where to start. Basically, it’s your chance to find your inner bad ass and get your life back.

Why Me?

In my early years I was a fucking bad ass. Seriously, I was strong (15 pull-ups strong), I was confident, I could literally do anything I set my mind to, I was enthusiastic and excited about what life had in store around the next bend.  I was optimistic, I rejoiced in the simple things, I was rarely sick and felts at one with my surroundings.  I had a community of people to enjoy and rely on.  I had the freedom to travela nd adventure as I pleased.
But somewhere along the line, things changed. Not all at once and not suddenly but over time. I let my fitness regimen go and was out of shape, which spiraled into self-loathing, which led to depression, negativity and exhaustion.  I always felt ill and wasn’t taking care of myself, I was eating unhealthy food, binge watching T.V. and shutting myself out from the world.  I was over spending and just shy of 5 figures in debt.  My life was anything but free, in fact it was some combination of disgusting, demoralizing, trivial and shackled to expectation.
But after many years of searching and trying new things, I finally found the secret, how to find that inner bad ass.  In just a few short weeks following this program I found that I was beginning to be consistent in my activities.  As a result, my fitness was improving, my energy increased, I had replaced that negativity with optimism, I stopped binge eating and watching T.V.  As my self-confidence returned I no longer needed to fill my life with stuff because I was enough.  I became more social and I eliminated all of my credit card debt all while eating healthier and increasing my charitable giving.  I was finally back to creating a life that I loved, where I was the leading lady of my life and of course I was a bad ass.

What’s Possible for You?

Fast forward 5 weeks (35 days).  Now imagine having discipline, being stronger, self confident, having increased energy, finding your funk has faded and having a positive outlook on your life and the world around you.  Feeling like you are creating your life and not just going through the motions.  Feeling like you can take on the world and WIN!

What’s Included?

  • During the first 5 weeks you get a series of emails that will help you to find that inner bad ass.  You’ll also be following a fitness program that we choose together and that you’ll do from the comfort of any where you deem comfortable.  That’s right, you can do it from home, a hotel when you travel, a gym if you like that atmosphere, your back patio if you want to be outside.  Literally, anywhere you want.
  • You’ll also get a month (either 24 or 30 servings) of my secret superfood weapon to bolster your immune system, combat disease and increase energy.  You don’t have to overhaul your diet.  You’ll just make some small changes at first and you’ll see some amazing results.  Then you’ll keep making small changes and you’ll be floored.
  • You also get access to the NITRO Fit facebook community.  This is a secret group on Facebook.  This is where the magic happens.  This is where you get to interact with other people on the program aka other people in the club.  You will post for accountability, you can post questions and find inspiration and a little motivation when you need it.  You will find strength in the community.  I’ll also be running some live stream classes in the group each week.  Just like at a regular gym where there is a group fitness schedule for the week, we have a Personal Growth Schedule for the week.  This is the stuff that helps you grow in other areas, not just fitness.  This is what has made the biggest difference for me and why I’ve had such great results.  I’ll put out a schedule on the times/date and classes I’ll be broadcasting.  You choose which ones you want to come to.  You get an all access pass for the whole time you are in our group.  What so great about this is that the live streams are recorded so you can catch any of them you miss because of schedule conflicts (can’t do that with group exercise classes can you!!!).
  • You get a 20 minute, 1:1 “Getting Started the NITRO Fit way” zoom call with me (video chat).  Here we make sure that all of your start up questions are answered and you are ready to go!
  • Plus you get my complete fitness system which is the basis for developing discipline. You get a sure fire, results driven exercise program to increase your strength, kick start your metabolism and help you sleep better at night.  Oh and you’ll get to keep this streaming fitness program library for a year!

How It Works

Simply click the button and follow the link to purchase your challenge pack through the Team Beachbody website with me as your coach.  You’ll be able to access Beachbody On Demand just a few hours after your purchase.  Within 48 hours you’ll get an email from me laying everything out.  It will have your steps to get started, your invite to our Facebook Community and other important information. Expect to receive your challenge pack with your superfood supplement (Shakeology) and other materials in about 1 week.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive your access to my private facebook group and your exclusive bonuses, make sure that when you sign up, I’m your registered coach. Any questions on how to do this, just get in touch, I’m happy to help.

Let’s Get Started

Check out this video:

Exclusive Bonuses

If you are one of the first 20 people who sign up during this launch period for NITRO Fit, you will also receive these incredible bonuses once you register:

  • Goal Crushers Daily Game Plan-This is the program I use to crush my goals.  This program helps me review my goals, set my priorities for the day, keeps me productive and focused and helps me review the day and set up for tomorrow.  It keeps me on track and focused, and
  • An additional 20 minute 1:1 zoom call coaching session.  This can take place at any point you choose during your first 35 days in the program.

IMPORTANT: In order to receive your access to my private facebook group and your exclusive bonuses, make sure that when you sign up, I’m your registered coach. Any questions on how to do this, just get in touch, I’m happy to help.


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