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What old school Nintendo and my workout have in common

Ok, so I know I am dating myself here (like carbon 14 dating) but remember those days of the original Nintendo when you screwed up royally with your first life in Mario Bros. so you just hit the reset button?  I know you do! Well, that’s where I was Sunday night/Monday morning.  I was havingContinue Reading “What old school Nintendo and my workout have in common”

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Backpacking Badass: My Transformation Story

Transformation Tuesday: Transformation comes in many forms and in many aspects of your life. You might be wondering where I’ve been. Saturday I took off into the woods with a friend and my dog (my pups first backpacking trip) for a backpacking trip. It was a great chance to escape the normal hustle and bustleContinue Reading “Backpacking Badass: My Transformation Story”

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The key to confidence, creativity, energy and life!

I hear people asking the secret to gaining more confidence, what’s the secret for boundless creativity, the secret to increased energy and life.  Certainly it can be shown that many things can help in these areas.  Getting the right amount of sleep for example or diffusing essential oils, meditation or the use of mantras. When IContinue Reading “The key to confidence, creativity, energy and life!”


How to learn new skills, get things done and make your brain grow!

How you see yourself determines how you live! What do you see? What do you want to see tomorrow? In a year?  In five years?  In fifty years? How do you see yourself as the person you want to be when you aren’t that person yet? It’s by using your growth mindset.  But I knowContinue Reading “How to learn new skills, get things done and make your brain grow!”

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Progress Report: 3 Week Yoga Retreat

  Progress Report:  3 Week Yoga retreat Thought I’d share my progress. Although it doesn’t feel like I’m any more flexible…the picture shows otherwise. Definitely more range of motion in my shoulders and straighter legs which means my hamstrings are getting a little more flexible. I guess it actually FLEXIBILITY Friday!!! This is why IContinue Reading “Progress Report: 3 Week Yoga Retreat”


Financial Independence: My Transformation Story

  Financial Independence: My Transformation Story Recently, I was asked to share at a quarterly corporate event how I became consumer debt free, received the Beachbody Financial Independence Award and the role that Beachbody health and fitness programs and coaching played in wiping out just shy of 5 figures of debt. Yep, that’s me upContinue Reading “Financial Independence: My Transformation Story”