Fitness is the First Step
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Fitness is the First Step

Can you tell that this week has had some ass whoopin’s for workouts?  But it’s great!  I like to test myself.  I like to push myself.  I like to step out of my comfort zone.  I like to grow and change.  I like to feel better.  I like to look better.  That all happens from a good ass whoopin!
Many of you know how much I tout the positive impact of fitness.  How it can change your life for the better.  It can give you more energy.  It can make you more confident.  It can help make physical aspects of daily life easier to accomplish.  It can make you healthier and need to go to the doctor less.  It has too many positive impacts to list here.
But you can do all the exercise in the world and not change a thing if you aren’t ready to change.  You see, fitness is a starting point for change…at least it was for me.  It was the launching point.  It was something that was going to give me relatively quick results.  I knew I’d start feeling stronger, being less winded on hikes, have more energy, be able to do more push-ups and do more reps pretty quickly.  When you are trying to learn to like yourself again, when you are trying to enjoy life again, you need some quick wins!
But I was ready for change back in late 2012.  I needed change.  I needed to love life again.  I needed to love me again.  So I started with fitness.  I then started to add in the other things.  I started working on things like better nutrition, getting the right amount of sleep, reading books for personal growth, engaging in social activities.  I started to help other people get on the fitness and nutrition wagon and they starting having some results.
But the real change happens when you are ready to change, when you decide to change.  When you are ready to see where that first step takes you.  When you are ready to make change in all aspects of life.  That’s where I am now.  Constantly learning, constantly changing.  Implementing what I learn, using it and then sharing it and teaching it.  It all started from a choice to start exercising again!
I am getting ready to launch my program that starts with fitness and lets you add in the other pieces as you are ready to add them in.  If you are ready to make a change, if you are ready to make a decision to start enjoying life again, to start loving yourself again, to have more energy and more confidence then this is the program for you!  Just email me for details.