How to learn new skills, get things done and make your brain grow!

How to learn new skills, get things done and make your brain grow!

How you see yourself determines how you live!

What do you see?

What do you want to see tomorrow?

In a year?  In five years?  In fifty years?

How do you see yourself as the person you want to be when you aren’t that person yet?

It’s by using your growth mindset.  But I know you are thinking, “What is the growth mindset?  Wait, am I not in the growth mindset?  What’s the other option?”

There are 2 mindsets, the Growth Mindset and the Fixed Mindset.  From what I can tell, many (most?) people are in the fixed mindset.  This mindset is characterized by thought that ” in order to succeed in life, I need to prove myself.”  This mindset and thought pattern teaches us to avoid failure…because failure “tells other people we are not successful.”

Fuck that bullshit!  I don’t want to live with that pressure.  I don’t want to be afraid to make mistakes.  I want to live in a world where mistakes are just a way to learn, a valuable piece of information along the journey called life.

I know, I know…in a Utopian world no one would make mistakes and we’d still grow and learn and gather valuable information as we walked along this path.  But would that really be utopia?

So what mindset am I working to live in each day?  The Growth Mindset.  This mindset is about increasing and cultivating intelligence, it’s about developing new skills and qualities, it’s about learning and seeing life’s “failures” as challenges and the lessons we learn and apply from them as the reward (or at least getting us closer to the reward).

Take for instance learning to walk.  We don’t just know how to do it.  It takes us a while.  We first start strengthening our legs, we do baby squats with our hands still on the floor.  Eventually we stand up right and later without help for balance.  Then we start that forward action.  We fall, we get back up, people cheer for us, they support us, they try to will us to walk.  When we fall, we laugh or we get back up an try again or we find something with a handle and wheels and zoom around with help so we get the feeling of what it will be like when we can walk on our own.  We are ready for the challenge.  The challenge is an exciting part of the journey.  We have our support system cheering for us.  It’s a positive learning process and it’s a skill that will serve us for a long, long time.  At that age, failure is actually EXCITING.

That’s what I want and that’s what I am working for each day.  A place where I can try new things, grow my skills, become better, screw things up and try again, be cheered on by my support system, not worry about repercussions.  If I don’t try new things, how will I grow?  How will my work and my business expand?  How will my fitness improve?  How will I prevent myself from getting bored with the same meals every day?

I am actively working to stay in the growth mindset.  How do I go about getting in (or staying in) the growth mindset?  There are a few things I do (and you can too):

  1. Close my eyes and picture my brain…see it growing bigger and bigger and with more connections, I see the synapses firing.  Then I refocus on the task at hand.  I read once that when you drink water, your brain actually hydrates/re-hydrates and does actually get bigger when it’s hydrated…so if I am having trouble with this one, I will actually drink some water and try to feel my brain growing.  This helps me tremendously and adds feeling to the visualization.
  2. I try to surround myself with people who challenge me, people who offer me new perspectives, people who think differently than I do.
  3. Finally, I identify events in the past that I think “define or measure me.”  I look at those events honestly and look at my role in the situation.  I then remind myself, verbally or by writing all of this out in my journal, that it doesn’t define me, it just represents my choice at that exact moment.  That event is just a snapshot or scene from my life, it’s not the whole story, there is more for me to write!  I will ask myself what I learned from that event, and how I will apply that lesson.  I’ll also think about how I’ve grown since that event.

So how will you get into the growth mindset?  How will you develop new skills?  Do you have a support system that will cheer you on? One action you can take right now is to join my Facebook community Freedom Seekers.  This is a place for you to develop your growth mindset and get the support you need, to discover lessons to be learned and to share information.  Don’t wait, join us today!

Let’s do this!