The key to confidence, creativity, energy and life!
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The key to confidence, creativity, energy and life!

I hear people asking the secret to gaining more confidence, what's the secret for boundless creativity, the secret to increased energy and life.  Certainly it can be shown that many things can help in these areas.  Getting the right amount of sleep for example or diffusing essential oils, meditation or the use of mantras.

When I look back at the person (I mean it is a #TBT afterall) I was in 2012 I remember the girl who loathed herself, the girl who had no energy and instead binge watched T.V. (I didn't even have Netflix, I can only imagine if I did), slept all day, ate a bunch of processed crap food, and was a consumer and not a creator.  2012 Anitra was going through the motions of life but not really living it, not really adding to it and certainly not enjoying it.

Then at one point I had a revelation brought on by an inspired moment.

I could take back control of this thing.

I could right the ship.

You see, I didn't really like myself at the point in time, but someone out there made it known that he did.  I couldn't reconcile how someone else could even be interested in me when I didn't like myself.  The equation didn't compute but it did ignite a spark, it did give me a bit of a kick in the ass.  It made me think about how I could start to like myself again.  I wanted to like myself again!

So lying on the couch in my living room, in the house I had purchased just 9 months earlier I did what I do best, I started thinking.

How could I start to like myself again?  How could I make a change?  How could I start down this path, knowing that it would take a long time to see progress and stay the course?  How would I make such sweeping change without being overwhelmed?

What I came up with was a plan, to take one aspect of my life and focus on it, make change in that one area knowing that it would start the ripple effect to other areas of my life.  It would prevent the overwhelm although the idea of progress taking time was very real.

But where to start...there was so much to change.  But then I got a phone call, it was like manna from heaven.  A friend of mine asked me to go on a journey with him and his wife...a fitness journey.  You see, he had been struggling too and he had found a way out.  So I agreed to go on this journey.  To set us up for success, we would start our new regimen after the new year since there was so much traveling and food at that time of year it seemed hard for the group of us committing to this change to add an extra degree of difficulty to the process...and besides the New Year is an inspiring time to make change.

But I couldn't wait that long.  I needed to take action now!  I needed to take a step in the right direction.  I couldn't cool my heels for 5+ weeks.

So I did what I rarely ever do...I shopped a black Friday sale, albeit an online one (for my international friends, Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving when stores drop the prices on things and American's go bat shit crazy for deals).  I some DVDs of the workout program I'd be starting in January and a 4 week program to stem the tide.  I'd start it as soon as it arrived.

So why a home workout program...because there was no way in hell I was going to a gym.  Not like this.  Now way, no how.  But I could do this at home.  I was certain.  I am an alumni collegiate athlete, I've backpacked thousands of miles, I can do a home workout DVD...and I did.  It's made all the difference.  That decision to try, to do something new, to accept where I was in life and decide to do something about it because I wasn't happy.  The realization that my choices put me where I was and my choices could take me where I wanted to go.

Are you ready to take back the control?

Let's do this,


p.s. are you wondering what home DVD program used to kick off my journey to being the kick-ass, growth mindset, creative and energetic gal you see today?  Obviously you are or you probably wouldn't have read this far!  I started with workouts by a guy name Shaun T.  And you are in luck, starting June 12, I'll be hosting a 7 day Shaun T challenge.  That's right, 7 days of Shaun T workouts to get your life headed in the right direction, to help you have more energy, more creativity and confidence and me to guide you through it!  Workouts will be through a streaming service and my guidance through a facebook community.  Want more information?  Just drop me an email at