What is your Gift?
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What is your Gift?

It can be so hard to figure out what your gifts are…but why?

I could be that we are so close to the situation, that it’s hard to see or notice what we are gifted in.  But I also think we’ve been trained to be modest, not to shout out our talents.  Some of our gifts are more in-obvious than others.  If you are an amazing artist or musician or athlete, you might get told that you have a gift or that you have an inkling of a gift.

But what about the rest of us?

How do we discover our gifts?  Do we have one gift or many?

The “how” we discover can be a bit pragmatic, you can take a test like the one in the Strengths Finder Book (I really did like this one and it has really helped me in a few areas of my life), you can ask a friend or family (or even ask your FB community).  You can also try to really pay attention to what people ask you to do frequently.  It could be that you are talented and maybe even gifted at it!  What do you get positive feedback on?  Di you organize a great meeting or luncheon?

Did you do a great job dog sitting?

Have people bee sharing your blog posts?

Have you help your friend de-clutter and organize?

What have people been asking for your help on?

But then the question turns to “do you enjoy, love and have passion for it?”  I am a firm believer that your true gift is one that will light your inner soul on fire.  It’s something you want to do, something you are called to do, otherwise why would it have been gifted to you?

I am a believer of a “creator” or G-D (we don’t type out the whole name) or the “Universe” or “Clock Maker” or whatever you want to call it…I believe in “it”.  I also think that we are given a gift (or a few) and the creator understands that if we are going to use our gifts, they better be something we are fired up about and know that we are called to use our gift.  It’s part of the design.  Of course we have the choice to use it or not but if it’s our true gift, the fire, the passion, the calling to use it will be there!

So what’s your gift?

Let’s do this,


 P.S.  As I allude to in the caption below, one of my gifts is teaching.  If you want to learn more about this topic and others like it, come join my facebook community called Freedom Seekers.
I’m using one of my gifts, teaching! Photo Credit: Amy Frame