What old school Nintendo and my workout have in common
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What old school Nintendo and my workout have in common

Ok, so I know I am dating myself here (like carbon 14 dating) but remember those days of the original Nintendo when you screwed up royally with your first life in Mario Bros. so you just hit the reset button?  I know you do!

Well, that’s where I was Sunday night/Monday morning.  I was having the feeling like when you go to jump up (when you are still small Mario) and don’t hit the coin box and hit the brick by accident throwing you down so that freaking duck/turtle thing kills you and you barely made it 3 seconds into that round…except mine was with my workouts!

I traveled for a week and did a workout everyday and then got home and decided to start this program (the one I got some good results on a few weeks ago).  But I was kinda tired on Monday so I started on Tuesday and kind of just went through the motions.  And then traveled all weekend.  So Sunday night I decided I’d hit the reset button and start from day 1 again on Monday.  Then I could follow the calendar exactly, not miss a workout, feel good about myself and “reset”.

It’s ok to do that once in a while.  I don’t plan on making a habit of it but it’s there when you need it, when your life doesn’t cooperate, when you realize that you should have known better than to think you were going to be able to workout when you were at a volunteer weekend for work and everyone was camping.  I mean seriously, way to set myself up for failure.

But I’m not a failure, I just didn’t knock it out of the park that time.  I am trying again, I am acknowledging my poor planning and setting myself for success with better planning.

If you are ready to join me and work this plan with me, then check out NITRO Fit.  August 2017 is the month of gifts so don’t delay!

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  1. I love it Nitro. Sorry massage therapy has been keeping me insanely busy that I’ll forget to check my emails at times. I can totally relate. That was my game back in the day as well as Pac-Man lol. I still call myself the undisputed champ of Pac-Man. I would have so much fun working out with you.

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